Document & Drawing Management
on Microsoft 365

Designed for architects and engineers

The only document control
system built on SharePoint

In the world of hybrid working, Atvero creates an ideal cloud-based collaborative environment by adding AEC standardisations to SharePoint and Teams, helping architects and engineers gain more benefits from their Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

A completely cloud-based solution
that meets all your business needs

Project Management

Discover all of your project related information in Atvero and manage all project files, emails, transmittals and contacts in one place.


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What's included

  • Customise and template a project Home Page to display important project information
  • Control access to different projects among internal users
  • Integrate with CMap or Rapport3 to keep your global and project contacts synced

Document Management

Manage all project deliverables using Atvero's powerful document management environment, with company standardisation at its core.


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What's included

  • Define naming schemes to ensure ISO 19650 compliance
  • Find the latest revisions of documents and drawings in an instant
  • Update issue register dynamically once approved revisions have been transmitted

Email Management

Whether project teams are in or out of office, Atvero enables you to access and file project emails whilst extracting project data.


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What's included

  • Search and filter project related emails in Atvero or Outlook
  • File project emails and their attachments as received files into Atvero from Outlook
  • Update and manage project contacts automatically based on filed email data

Trusted by leading UK-based architects and engineers
to deliver over 10000 projects

Atvero is now in use as the primary document control system for leading architectural and engineering firms in the UK, helping our customers and early adopters win business success in today's digital workplace.

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Chapman Taylor Architects

For Chapman Taylor to be competitive, win and deliver more successful projects, we need a platform that gives us flexibility, but also rigour in our project delivery processes. Atvero offers us this capability.

Andy Hudson
Director, Chapman Taylor

Why companies choose Atvero

Atvero's mission is to develop and deliver an affordable, high-valued based Document and Drawing Management solution that helps architects and engineers deliver successful projects on the cloud.

Intuitive and familiar

Built with SharePoint design language, Atvero looks and feels like a Microsoft product, making it familiar to existing SharePoint and Teams users to navigate.


Do away with server investments as Atvero offers a fully cloud based solution that only requires a Microsoft 365 for Business license.

Install and deploy effortlessly

Quickly install and deploy Atvero to your system in under an hour, with data migration from other platforms supported by our team.

Interactive training and consultancy

Our team provides training workshops where users can learn interactively how to use the core product and relevant plugins, with recordings to distribute to the wider team.

Fast Service Desk support

Our highly responsive Service Desk team will make sure your team never have a problem when resolving issues, answering questions and finding help.

Safe and protected

With the advantage of Microsoft's well understood and established permissions hierarchy, you have complete ownership and control over Atvero data, which is hosted on your SharePoint tenancy.

Integrated with the products you need


Ready to discover a smarter, more flexible way to deliver projects?