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With our team of IT and BIM consultancy experts as well and highly skilled engineers, our mission is to help businesses in the AECO industry deliver business and project success through a cutting-edge cloud-based Project Information Management solution.

About Us

  • Marcus Roberts


    I earned a PhD in Computer Science from Nottingham University in 1997 in the then new topic of Internet search, followed by post-doctoral research at Queen Mary University London in distributed system security.

    I was then swept up in the dot com boom working on website development and hosting at various companies before joining Nittygritty as a director in 2006. Our first application from that era, BigFilebox, still serves customers today, 16 years later. Atvero became a standalone company in June 2022.

    The development team has grown over that time and I now manage three developers as well as the sales and marketing for our primary product Atvero. Whilst I coded the first prototypes of the product it’s now rare that I get to code any more, instead leading the team in making architectural decisions and helping the product reach a wide market of customers.

    In my spare time I’m a core team member for the Grain project which allows me to engage a passion in building a next generation language, developer tools, improve the developer experience and learn more about the next big thing: Web Assembly.

  • Allan Chaplin


    Qualifiying as a Systems Engineer, I’ve spent the last 25 years in the software development across at tech leaders in the Defence, Telecoms, Mobile Computing and Medical industries. After over 10 years as a C++ software engineer, I moved to Nittygritty in 2009 as a web developer. At Nittygritty I have contributed to the portfolio of products including Bigfilebox, Shoski and Syncview. I moved to Atvero full time in June 2022 when Atvero became a separate company.

    My Atvero mission has involved developing the Atvero product from the start using new web technologies, including ReasonML, ReScript, Azure and MS Graph.

    I now lead the Atvero team and focus on Atvero customer satisication and support. In my spare time I like, live music growing vegetables and looking after our retired commercial hens.

  • Eden Ruffell


    I joined Atvero as a Junior Software Engineer in 2019 a year after working as a summer internship with Nittygritty, having just graduated from Queen Mary University London with a degree in Computer Science. During my first year, I helped build and officially launch Atvero, contributing to improving the performance and overall design of the product.

    My Atvero mission as Product Manager has been to identify and preempt the every evolving requirements of those in the AECO industry, planning this in our public Road Map and driving the development team to turn that vision into a reality. Over the years I have taken on various challenges including redesigning the Atvero product to make it more intuitive to our users, designing and building our website, and curating the knowledge base for all our Atvero help guides.

    With my passion for user experience and design I have been able to continue transforming Atvero, paving the way for bigger and more exciting endeavours in the near future. In my spare time I build and explore deep learning networks, practise latin and chess.

  • Louis Boyle


    Having attended the Web Development Immersive course from General Assembly, in 2018 I joined Nittygritty as a junior JS/React Developer. I started by working on existing products, not long into my time here we decided to adopt a promising new meta-language for JavaScript called ReasonML to make React-based web apps, one of them was Atvero. Building on the MS Cloud infrastructure also solved many problems, providing novel features and new challenges.

    My mission as an Atvero developer sees me building new features and maintaining the product, making sure Atvero continues to grow and adapt to a changing environment.

    My current focus is to learn about underpinning decisions like tooling and platform for a project, how to make them, what to consider and what the implications might be.

  • Tra Thu Hoang


    I joined the Atvero team as a marketing intern in June 2021, only 2 weeks after graduating from University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Marketing with Digital Communications. As a fresh graduate, I feel extremely lucky to have landed a role that ticks all the boxes of what I was looking for in a graduate job, especially in the middle of the pandemic. My responsibilities mainly include creating marketing assets in various mediums and monitoring digital campaigns, with an overall goal of leveraging Atvero’s brand image and amplifying the voice of the product in the AECO industry.

    The Atvero team has re ally given me the valuable opportunity to work in a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment where I am constantly learning new things everyday thanks to the diverse scope of work that is filled by multiple tasks related to all things marketing, from content writing and graphic design to video editing and social media monitoring. Seeing Atvero’s branding and online presence being gradually improved day by day has given me the motivation to continue enhancing my knowledge and skillset in order to make more positive contributions to the team.

    I am really enjoying my time as a part of the Atvero team, where I can step out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to many new challenges by doing marketing in an industry that is completely new to me, and therefore being able to develop both professionally and personally. I look forward to celebrating future milestones with Atvero and devoting my best ability on our journey ahead.

  • Pietro Petruzzella


    My passion for technology and digital transformation in the AEC industry was the reason to join the Atvero team in August 2022 after working as a BIM Consultant at Nittygritty, Ltd. for 2 years and a half. In 2018 I qualified as an Architect Part 3 in Italy and consequently I devoted myself to the study of the digital revolution in the AEC industry with a focus on the design process. As soon as I realized that the change involves not only software and digital tools but also the entire supply chain, I decided to get a 1-year post-degree master in BIM Management at the Polytechnic of Milan with an experimental thesis on BIM implementation for facility management . Thanks to this successful experience I had the chance to work as a BIM consultant in the international and competitive London work environment.

    My current mission with the Atvero team is to provide an innovative BIM service that combines international and national standards with a tailor-made service oriented to the client to simplify the transition to BIM and to improve productivity and creativity for designers and architects.

  • Chisom Iwuoha


    I joined Atvero as a Customer Success Manager in August 2022. I will be completing my Masters Degree in Business Management at the University of Hull, England in September 2022, and I was really happy that Atvero agreed to bring me onboard to help my continuous learning and development process. Prior to Atvero I worked at Flutterwave as a Customer Experience specialist and a Product Analyst. In these roles I was able to proffer solutions to problems and provide exceptional service to customers.

    My Atvero Mission as a Customer Success Manager would be building loyalty and strong lasting relationships with customers. With my passion for customers success and retention, I will continue putting Atvero Customers first and ensuring that they have a positive experience with our products and services.

    I look forward to growth, tackling more challenges, providing solutions to issues and doing my best in the future. In my spare time I like networking, baking and traveling.

  • Liam Southwood


    I have had a convoluted journey to arrive at the place I am today with Atvero. I was once a cycle courier then model maker before studying architecture at the Glasgow School of Art. I graduated just as the profession entered its original digital transformation in the mid 90’s and I gravitated towards the technology. I became a full-time IT and CAD manager for several architectural practices in London before co-founding in 2003.

    We were inspired to create Atvero when a client that wished to replace an on-premises document management solution and who, quite reasonably, wanted to know why they couldn’t leverage the SharePoint platform that they were already paying for. We established with them that there are many reasons why SharePoint does not work out of the box in the way an AEC business needs it to, like versioning, revisions, and transmittal records. Following on from the initial conversation, our development team took this as a challenge, did a gap analysis, and concluded that there was scope in the Microsoft API to deliver what was required.

    My vision for Atvero is an ever-more connected Cloud future. There is a serious push towards open standards for information exchange from the UK’s Centre for Digital Built Britain as well as from the BuildingSmart alliance. Proprietary information siloes will be a thing of the past and “Managed Sharing” will be the future.

  • Lee Briscoe


    Lee co-founded Nittygritty in 2003, with Liam Southwood. With a background of furniture technology, design and fabrication, Lee moved into IT manager roles at AHMM and Squire and Partners. With 20 years’ experience in IT support management, Lee leads the IT team.

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