With our new Checklists feature, Atvero makes it even easier to track and monitor project progress and ensure quality at every stage.

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The Golden Thread

The life cycle of an AEC project involves a complex system of stakeholders, documents, touchpoints and processes, resulting in the creation of thousands of project information assets in a wide variety of formats.

It is therefore essential to maintain a “golden thread” of complete, accurate, consistent, and standardised information through the entire project timeline - from design to construction, handover, and ongoing management – in order to help organisations manage information more effectively as well as avoid the risk of data loss.

In a world where the golden thread is more important than ever, we at Atvero wanted to give our users an integrated way of keeping track of important processes within projects and record things at each step.

Quality Management

View all the upcoming project tasks within the Checklists page, where users can action review and audit tasks with notes and Record evidence to keep inline with industry Specifications and ensure the Golden Thread. Roll forward Checklist stages manually or define completion dependant workstreams for specific tasks.

Monitor Progress

Monitor project progress over all or per stage with the project home page widget. Similarly, view the overall status of all projects from the Hubsite Projects list and drill down to show which team members have unfinished tasks.

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