Access Everything
In One Place

Keep all of your project related information in Atvero and find all project contacts, documents, emails and transmittals in one place.

Project Management Challenges

Finding a connected and structured solution to manage project information can be difficult

Multiple softwares for different project related information

Having to manage various software solutions for different workflow requirements can be daunting, as everytime a new problem is identified, whether it’s related to documents, drawings, emails, productivity, or contacts, a new subscription is added to the list.

These applications are also not natively integrated with each other and most likely lack the standardisations required to deliver quality-assured projects in the AEC industry, resulting in information silos.

Do away with of cumbersome folder structures

Finding project information, especially their latest versions, can be a labourious task if folder systems are poorly structured. Without fomalised folder structures and standardised naming conventions, mistakes are more diffult to be noticed and reliability of information is decreased.

Extensive administrative tasks are also required, leaving support staff with expanded responsibilities across a diverse spectrum of organisational activities.

The high expenses of delivering Connected Data Environments (CDEs)

The use of Connected Data Environments (CDEs) have been significantly growing in construction; however, they are almost never delivered with a low cost. The bespoke data managing environments of CDEs can also be too controlled with various functions, making it difficult for companies to exit from if required.

How Atvero Can Help

Implement a cost-effective document management solution by leveraging your existing intranet with Atvero

One source of information for your entire project

Seamlessly access everything in one place

Access all project related information in dedicated sites for key areas such as Records, Contacts, Transmittals, and Emails within each Atvero project, in addition to the already-available group mail box, Notebook, Planner, Document Library and Teams channel.

Find information in an instant

Easily view all key project information in your custom templated homepage, as well as search, filter, and find the latest information in an intuitively organised folder system.

Manage and control access

Control access of users within a project to features and confidential information depending on whether they are an Owner, Member or Visitor of the project.

Streamline the flow of information and keep everything synced

Bi-directional sync with CMap

With the Atvero - CMap integration, projects, companies, contacts and their subsequent edits will bi-directionally sync between CMap and Atvero. Users can be confident that their project data in both CMap and Atvero is always accurate and up-to-date, with changes reflected across the two platforms in real-time.

Integrated with Rapport3

Sync your global address book with your Rapport3 contacts list to make sure all your contact information is available and up to date in Atvero. Create Projects in Atvero using existing Rapport3 projects to bring across all details about a project.