Data Migration

If you are planning to switch to using Atvero from previous document control systems, we provide migration services to help you make a smooth system transition without losing access to valuable data.

System transitions made simple

Making a switch to serverless has never been easier with Atvero

No hardware required

On-premises systems require constant server upgrades and backup solutions, with a switch to Atvero you won't not have to worry about spending a similar level of investment. Built on the fully cloud based Microsoft 365 platform, Atvero requires no on-premise system with all your data still owned by you. With just a Microsoft 365 for Business license, move your company towards a more future proof solution with Atvero.

A new system that's already familiar to you

Switching from an incumbent system to a different platform can be challenging, as your users are already comfortable with the existing workflows and processes and will require some time to familiarise themselves with a new system. With Atvero, since it is built using the SharePoint design language and shares the same interface with online Microsoft tools, uses will find the environment highly familiar and intuitive to navigate intuitively.

Start using Atvero without leaving your data behind

Bring all project information from your previous systems into Atvero

The concern of transferring data from one system to another

If your business has been using your existing document control system across a long period of time and has many years’ worth of data stored in it, you might be concerned that it will be impossible to access your files and data without the incumbent serve-based system running. This even appears to be more worrying for companies who has to keep files past the 12-year data retention deadline in the old system.

Atvero has a solution for your data

Acknowledging your pain point, our team provides a consultancy service where we can import your data from on-premises systems such as Deltek PIM (or Union Square) and Newforma into your Atvero tenancy with high fidelity. The important can operate without any downtime for your systems by making an initial copy of all your data into Atvero then another copy of the changes before you make the switch to Atvero. This can be done either project by project or in a direct changeover transition.

What we can import

Our team can bring across as much metadata as possible, from documents, records and issues to emails and contacts, ensuring you a smooth transition to Atvero without leaving your data behind. We can either provide a full data migration service where we will do all the work to import your data into Atvero, or we can license our migration tools for you to deploy yourself.

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