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Atvero is the only document control system built on SharePoint for architects and engineers.

Make the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription

Store and surface information in an already-familiar platform

Thanks to its native integration with SharePoint and Teams, Atvero provides a customisable platform that is highly intuitive for existing Microsoft Office users to navigate.

Collaborate on the cloud, with complete ownership of your data

Work on projects anywhere and across any device with Microsoft 365, where your data is hosted on your SharePoint tenancy and is protected by Microsoft. Transform SharePoint into a collaboration portal and share project information seamlessly across the Microsoft Office suite and SharePoint’s native apps.

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“Atvero is pulling all our business needs together. We now have a SharePoint-based corporate intranet, we have Microsoft Teams integrated, we have email – everything in one place!”

Stephen Higgon
Senior Information Manager

Save priceless time and increase productivity

Find the latest version of everything in an instant

Access your project documents, drawings, contacts and emails easily and quickly with the latest version of everything readily available at any time. Key projects can be tagged for easy discovery.

Access everything in one place

Find any and all project information in your customisable project home page, with data replication avoided since all your document and drawings revisions will be located on the cloud in your projects central Records list.

Gaunt Francis

“We were asked for a current set of all architectural and engineering drawings; it would have taken me ages to pull these drawings together before, but with Atvero this takes me 30 seconds. Information management can feel like a war of attrition; Atvero helps win the battle.”

Toby Adam

Ensure quality control and reduce project risk

Secure document compliance

Guarantee project quality with ensured naming compliance to the industry standards such as ISO 19650 or your company’s own custom naming schemes, simplifying the process of tracking and validating documents for quality control before issuing.

Control every piece of information going in and out of your project

Access a full audit trail for transmittals and a complete document version history with Atvero as your project gatekeeper.

Ryder Architects

“Our project teams are using the software to create and manage project deliverables ensuring ISO-19650 compliance and efficient document management, saving us both time and effort.”

David Stabler
Projects Director